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Thread: Advice on budget camcorder

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    Default Advice on budget camcorder

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to purchase a DV camcorder for my wife and I to use.
    I have been searching the net, visited a few shops for pointers and asking friends but I seem to be getting more confused!

    Some shops recommended the Sony DCR HC19E (not sure if there is a
    HC19 and a HC19E) but i heard this camcorder suffers in poor light?

    My budget is approx 250 - 300.

    The main things im looking for is:

    1. Point and shoot (easy to use)
    2. Low light (I will be filming indoors from time to time, but not complete darkness).
    3. Wide screen if possible.


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    I think the HC19E gets you covered.

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