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    Hi there,

    I hope somebody might be able to help me.

    Recently, when I've been exporting footage from Premiere, I've noticed that some scene's footage just isn't exported. The sound remains, but in the final file, the screen will just go black. Even sometimes when I'm viewing the timeline in Premiere itself, a clip that I've imported will just black out half way through ... and I don't know why.

    I've rendered the timeline and tried using different export settings, but nothing seems to work.

    I'd be really grateful for any help/advice.

    Pentium 4 3.2GHz - 2x512MB RAM - 120GB Hard Drive - Plextor PX-712A 12x4x DVDRW - Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Ultimate 256MB - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 - Adobe Premiere Pro, Encore(v1) and Audition (v1.5)

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    Excuse me if these sound like silly questions, but you haven't given much information about the footage, yet it sounds similar to something that happened to me with a customer's video tape of his holiday exploits.

    You mentioned that the video blacks out although the sound is there, and also that when you're viewing the timeline the footage sometimes goes black on there.


    1. Does the footage keep blacking out a the same point, or is it random?
    2. Is the video visible on the source media?
    3. Is the source video from a camcorder and has it all been recorded with the lens cap removed?

    A customer recently brought a video in for me to convert but he said that his camera was playing up because halfway through the tape the video would go off. I imported the video and sure enough, halfway through, the video went black, but the audio was still there. At first I was confused, because normally, if you record with the lens cap on you can see evidence the the lens cap is on (the springs in the catches for example), however, this was totally black. After a while however, the video came back on (after being stopped and started during the recording) and then it went black again, this time however, the inside of the lens cap was visible. I went back to the first bit of black and bumped up the brightness and contrast sufficiently to the point I could make out the springs on the inside of the lens cap.

    If it's not something as simple as that, have you checked the effect controls on the timeline to check the opacity of the video file?

    Hope you get it sorted.

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