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    Hi. I want to capture audio files from a cd and downloaded audio clips. Can anyone recommend a shareware program that will allow me to convert them to a file type I can use (I don't remember what it was though ).

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    CDex will allow you to rip either mp3 or wav files from a cd. both of these can be used in premiere.


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    Thanks Ford, helps loads.


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    Sorry, missed this thread when it happened. Been off work a couple fo days.

    A good 'freebie' app for taking audio CD and converting to a format for importing into Premiere is good old Windows Media Player. It's what I use!

    You might have to tweak your settings to capture as MP3 rather than the default windows format though. sorry, can't think of the file extension off hand.

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    Great. Another quickie that's related. What about capturing sound directly. Is it possible to use my camera as a mic without capturing video and taking up needless space? (can I capture "live" video/audio?)

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    with regard to using yer vid to capture audio - just leave the lens cap on - capture your audio - import it to a project - unlink vid and audio and delete video. hey presto.

    capturing live video and audio - i did discover a programme that could turn your dv cam into a web cam - can't recall the name of it though. no doubt if you did a search on google you'd find it.


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    Hi To capture just audio in Premiere you can also go to te capture setting and uncheck the capture video box. That way you will capture just audio as an avi file and it takes up less space on the hard disk. You will also have to unlink the audio and video tracks and delete the video portion

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