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    I checked the Certified Compatible Capture Cards and was just wondering if anyone had any luck with capturing with any other PCI carsd other than the ones listed for Adobe Premier Pro 1.5 (possible around the 100-150 range )

    PS: basically any PCI card that has a break out box with RCA or S-Video

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    Adobe Premiere does not natively support capture from analogue devices, i.e. through RCA or S-Video inputs. To do this in Premiere, you will need something like an Matrox RX.100 which integrates into Premiere or a standalone analogue to digital convertor such as a Canopus ADVC110 which feeds a DV signal to Premiere.

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    You don't need a PCI card and you shouldn't need to spend that much.

    I own one of those Matrox RTX100 cards and it rocks but prior to owning that I spent 50 (UKP) on a Dazzle Fusion analogue capture device. This connected via firewire (or maybe USB). I used the provided s/w to perform a the captures from that. then simply imported the captured AVIs into Premiere and I was off and running.

    Not sure if the Fusion is still available but I quote that as an example.

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    thanks alot I was looking into Matrox RTX100, but am little price conscience right now, would any interface like the Dazzle Fusion work? and with the conversion will it work smoothly within premier 1.5?

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