Digital camera has dramatically colored in our digital life. Supposed you need to create stunning Flash photo albums, aside from being very popular, the most common reasons that this great presentation can be preserved and cherished over and over again. Plus, it is a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, end of sports season parties, and more..

The no-frills Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder for Windows turned out to be the answer to your quest. Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder is powerful yet easy-to-use utility to transform your still digital images into cool and fun Flash slideshows, no Flash experience required. You can download it from This guide covers creating stunning Flash photo albums with effects. It is simply a matter of going through 5 simple tasks:

Step1. Photo Browing
Select your favourite photos, add them into the Storyline, or delete them from it.

Step2. Photo Editing & Optimizing
Select the picture for editing & optimizing, such as rotate, crop, contrast, etc. And add introducing cation, choose the photo motion effect.

Step3. Transition Effect Setting
Select your favorite transition effect and separate adjust the transition duration. There are various animated effects for pictures and text you can include, a real-time preview pane, over 200 transition effects for pictures and various templates (cartoon, family, holiday etc).

Note: Batch modification of photos duration time and transition time:
Select the photos you want to edit the time parameters, or click "Ctrl+A" to select all the photos, then just modify the number of duration time or transition time of any single photo, all the time parameters of selected photos will be changed together, this is just simple and easy!

Step4. Theme Setting
Select a templates for your slideshow and cutomize yourself Opening Movie and End Movie.
Click on the Theme label, and choose the menu template you want to use. You can even set the background music & background color here as well.

Step5. Publish as SWF, HTML, EXE or Animated Screensaver
Once you're satisfied with the PREVIEW, you can start to generate Flash slideshows. There are three outpput types available for your to choose from, you can choose either one or all of them at a time.

Publish as SWF: Create Micromedia Flash format file, can be viewed by Macromedia Flash Player.
Publish as EXE: Create an executable program to run it directly.
Publish as HTML: Create Web ready HTML file to show the presentation in Browse of any type.

Publish as Online Album: Upload your created Flash album to our wondershare server with a FREE 100MB web space.

Publish as Screen Saver: Create and install an animated screensaver into your desktop or generate an EXE copy of screensaver to install later or to send/share with friends.

Hope this helps people. This is my first tutorial, and I'm sure it's not perfect. So let me know what parts need clarification, and what parts are way too clarified.

Thanks for reading.