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Thread: DISASTER has occured to my XM2

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    Default DISASTER has occured to my XM2

    Well i recently aquired a Canon XM2 which was brilliant although i was worried a little about the weak camera point but worst nightmere occured while shooting in a night club i had a drunk yob smack down on the camera light which inturn snapped (photo will show) a point on the camera which has resulted in the Video play back features not working but recording images is fine but without play back i cannot tell if sound has been affected aswell
    (the yob was thrown out and details the camera is insured! any ideas where i can get it fixed at a good rate

    ps is this the right place to post this topic

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    Record a DV tape and borrow a cam to play back - ypu could always be cheeky and take a tape along to Dixons

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    well not sure about the tape idea think it maybe a little X-rated (university tape)

    any ideas about the camera tho

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    Duct Tape


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