Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to get into the video\DVD editing lark and need advice from all you wonderful people. I guess my needs have been discussed several times before, so if you have nay useful links, then please send them to me, much appreciated.

What do I need?

Well, basically, I am setting out to copy a load of old VHS videos to DVD. I would like to do this via my PC, but would be interested to hear if there are better options available; connecting the VCR to a recordable DVD. Would I be able to add\edit effects this way, or is it basic straight forward copy to copy.

I have messed about with Premiere in the past, and maybe would like to branch out into doing copies for friends, relatives etc. Possibly even advertising this service. What are the pitfalls I may encounter, how much do I need to spend on a decent set up. I guess I just want to pick people's brains, and get started. But as this is an expensive venture, any and all advice would be most welcome. Even where to buy the equipment. (Is there a single unit that would take care of this?).

Regards and thanks