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    Hi People,

    Does anyone know if there are any restrictions or copyright laws in regards to using Songs & Music
    (like popular artists or otherwise) in home videos and videos that might be entered into film festivals?

    Maybe they charge a fee or….?

    If so what can i do to get the use?

    Any information appreciated thanks.

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    I'm afraid I have no idea about about Australian law, but yes, typically speaking you are infringing copyright by using the music and are required to pay a royalty.

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    Well, that answers my question also that I have been wondering about myself. Thanks for posting this and Thanks Marc for answering.


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    For private viewing inside the confines of your own home, it is possible to use them. Just think about recording songs off the radio or your stereo or programmes off the television, how many episodes of Coronation Street or Top Gear have u got? There is no problem with that but any public performance is strictly prohibeted and strangely enough that includes having people into your home to watch your home movies. I guess we're all supposed to sit in a room by ourselves with the sound turned down just in case someone walks past the house and hears the soundtrack.

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