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Thread: Bullet cams / helmet cams

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    Default Bullet cams / helmet cams

    Anyone got any experience of helmet mounted cameras?

    I'm planning on mounting one for a mountain biking vid.
    How does one power them ...batteries?
    Can they just plug in to the main camera? (single chip mini dv kept in a back pack while riding?)

    Theres a few on ebay at the mo....but I thought I'd research b4 getting ripped off LOL
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    Remember the bullet cam becomes the optics of the camera, so even if you have a decent camcorder, the picture quality is limited.

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    I use a bullet camera from RFConcepts. Well, I did until I managed to break it by loosening the cable at the back.

    I would buy from them again - good customer service - quick.

    Anyway you need AV in (mini DV has this) you need a separate power supply and you can have a microphone combined with the camera. Your camcorder microphone will be disabled the moment you are running from the AV in lead.

    Biggest problem for me was keeping the horizon level.

    You will need to choose the lens for the job. They are fiddly to change. I imagine there is a toool for the job, but I use a bent paperclip!

    Sun flare can be a problem too (see my avatar!)

    Happy filming

    Mark (aka paragliding)

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