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Thread: im new and need video/frame help

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    Default im new and need video/frame help

    Hello, my name is daniel and im in need of assitance.

    this is probably a really easy question but i want to know if anyone out there knows of a video editing program that lets you :
    a.compress the video size
    b.take the video file itself apart (as if i wanted to make a .gif file) aka make the video into invidual frames of itself.

    thanks in advance -Aragon

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    VirtualDub - - is an excellent free program that will let you do those things and loads more. You just need to choose what codec you want to use (DivX, Xvid etc).

    I will warn you though - It's not the most user friendly software I've ever seen.

    If you're happy with Windows Media Video (WMV files) then you can go to the Microsoft website and download Windows Media Encoder for free as well, which is ok for compression.

    Keep us updated!

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    thanks mike, this is what i was looking for. i want to make a gif from videos. i want to know how to take the video and chop it up into individual frames. if this is even possible.

    thanks -Aragon

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    Are you talking about a series of still gif images or an animated gif sequence? You do know that gifs only have 256 colours?

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    for gif files i would use adobe image ready!"

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    niko: i mean a series of gif images that seems animated. and its not important that the colors are limited. i just want to perhaps take 40 or less frames from a video and compile it into a gif file. i know how to do the latter but the former gives me a problem. if you know of any online tutorials that would be swell.


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    Flash would let you do it, I think.

    Import the video to the library. Insert it onto the time line. Export it as an animated gif.

    Not sure why you'd want a gif, though. The quality would either be painfully bad, or the filesize would be useless unless it's just for personal use on your hard drive or something... If it's for online use, you'd prolly be better off leaving it in SWF format (flash).

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