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Thread: help needed making vcd/dvd's

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    Default help needed making vcd/dvd's

    Hi all

    i am trying to make a vcd or dvd (i do have a dvd burner)of home movies.
    i guess its best to explain to save confusion.i play in a band and would like to take video footage we have taped,and make a vcd or dvd which i can do.but the part i cant figure out is,i would like to be able to "tab" to the next song on the vcd/dvd.example,if i am playing the 3 song,i want to be able to press FWD on my dvd player and have it go to the next tune.(just like an audio cd)

    any help would be greatly appreciated

    PS. you can check out my bands website if you like.always open to opinions on it

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    very easy if you're using tmpgenc dvd author, it can set chapter points.

    i'll assume most other authoring progs can too.

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    Pinnacle Studio 8 makes this very easy.

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