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    Default damaged project file

    hi. i have just started using adobe premiere elements and its totally awsome but the last time i tried to open one of my project files a message comes up saying 'The project appears to be damaged, it cannot ne opened'. Now i don't know what the hell happened but i really need that file so if anyone knows how to fix it please help! :cry:

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    It has probably corrupted in which case you are screwed - always make backuops of your project files. - If you look in my directories there are usually 20+ versions of a project all project, projectbackup2 projectbackup3 and so on.

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    Do you have Norton Utilities? If so, run Win Doctor and see if it fixes it. I have had this happen to me as well and I ran Win Doctor and it fixed it for me.

    It is a very good idea making back-up copies like irishmark stated though.


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    Under the folder in which you saved your project, there should be a folder called 'Adobe Premiere Pro Auto-Save' containing automatic backups.

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    Also, I believe you can import one project into another. Worth a try. you might get something.

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