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Thread: Widescreen conversion possible?

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    Default Widescreen conversion possible?

    First, I have to say, this site is the best for video help. Thanks everyone for making this goldmine of info...
    On to the problem. I recently finished filming a drama for a local church which involves alot of seperate scenes. Given all the confusion and extremely short time span given to film, I ran one camera and let someone less experienced run another. (Both miniDV cameras by the way.) It wasn't till about half way through things that I noticed that one camera was set to film widescreen, the other standard. I hope that the more experienced video editors aren't laughing they're heads off right now crying out, "You're screwed!". Because I really have no way of setting everything up again. My plan is to use Adobe Premiere 6.5 to edit but I couldn't find a way to change the ratio there.
    I'd prefer to convert the widescreen to standard, but don't care too much either way, so long as I can simply cut from between the two camera's feed without there being a large difference.
    Thank you so much, any help at all would be extremely...well, helpful.

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    You aren't exactly 'screwed' but you might want to change your mind about about setting it to standard 4:3 and go with the widescreen format.

    To convert wide to standard you have to chop off the right/left side(s) and then zoom - we all know what 'zoom' does to graphics - pixilation city.

    To convert standard to wide you chop off the top/bottom (or a bit of both) and just leave it - it wont pixilate but some scenes will look like the cameraman was zoomed in a little too close. And on a true widescreen TV the right/left sides will show a black border.

    The video can be saved with your elite skills in post production and scene selection - and with some good luck in that the video shot in wide screen was shot well, and has a lot of usable shots. Then you only have to convert a minimal number of scenes from the video shot on standard - You can just use the ones where you were 'zoomed-out' and minimal content will be lost when you slice off the top/bottom.

    If you don't have very good shots from the 'inexperienced' cameraman, then you might consider a mixed presentation - using the wide shots sparingly and artisticly - ie the songs are all presented widescreen and the rest of the drama is not. Then when someone asks, you can explain the virtues of 'dramatic effect' or artistic license'

    As for the capabilities of Premier 6.5, I cant answer to that as I have never used it.

    good luck
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    Thanks for the insight! I'll see what I can do...(not so sure about those 'elite skills' )

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