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    Default Vegas Render Quality

    I think this is a simple question.. but:

    What are THE highest possible quality settings to render at? I've played around with some of them..

    I usually render my videos as .wmv's or .avi's.

    Then under .wmv, there's 3mbps, 5mpbs, 1mpbs HD 720-24p, etc.. etc..

    Is there a good site that tells what all those setting are for? Or any good tips would be appreciated.. thanks

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    you can only get it as good as how it was captured. I assume your captured files are AVI's so export as an AVI and under the avi settings find - "uncompressed" - done

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    Yep, you cant improve the quality of the original, only change it. Data cant be created only altered or destroyed. If your source is 25mbit DV then there is (usually) no point in rendering anything above this bit rate.

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