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Thread: PLEASE SOME! HELP ME!!!!!!!!

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    Does anyone know how to do this with any program at all.
    For example you had a basketball ring and you had some one dunk it and then on the same background another person came past and dunked it all on the same background, so the only thing moving are the people dunking it does anyone know how to do this??

    Another example you had a black background hoe do you make a person run past or a object go past.

    DOes ne1 know how to do this??? Basically im sayin how do you use the same background and have stuff moving in the background just a person or anything a fish anything without the backgroun mooving and the peopl like fad out but the background doesnt.


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    You need film your subjects in front of a green / blue screen, then chroma key this out in your editing software and composite over your chosen background.


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