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Thread: Video Gurus help me please :) ?????????

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    Default Video Gurus help me please :) ?????????


    I want to make some divx clips from avi and have seen a good looking clip that had these specs ( taken from AVICodec info ) :

    File : 9.60 MB (9.60 MB), Length: 0:01:40, type: AVI, 1 soundtrack, quality: 45 %
    Video : 9.21 MB, 773 Kbps, 25.0 fps, 720*576 (4:3), DX50 = DivXNetworks Divx v5

    I need the file in that size like 9MB = 1.4 minutes in 720*576
    So 10 minutes would be around 100MB in big good quality.

    What i did so far:
    External DVD player -> Pinnacle MovieDV -> Pinnacle 9 -> save in Mpg 384x288 a 22 minute file is 278MB so I have made mpeg but in smaller resolution and bigger file size.
    Now i have seen its possible to make bigger resolution and smaller size which will be very important for me in the long run for hosting these clips.

    So now you know what i have done and what i want to do

    Do any of you have any idea what software where i can take my avi file and edit it and do avi in - transitions titles etc - save in the resolution i mentioned above and save the file in divx ?

    As this is not a single file i need to do this with but hundreds i would appreciate a single program to do it with instead of doing it in pinacle save in avi and then compress it with a divx program if you understand what i mean

    Please spam me with some suggestions !

    Thanks in advance!


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    install a div-x codec then you need to export it from your edit suite using that codec.


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