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Thread: plz help... beginners problems!!!!

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    Default plz help... beginners problems!!!!

    Have jst started using ulead... and frankly it s absolutely amazing.... I have got a problem here... first is how to add two effect to a text.. i.e i want to put a a fade in initaqlly and ten a fade out after some a seconds... i knw it mite be very easy and i mite have jst missed it.. but plz do tell me... also then...

    I would like to knw how to remove wordings from the orginal video... i.e throughout the video there s the site name in the bottom from where i download.. plz can someone tell me how to remove it... plz do tell me...... [/img]

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    You will not be able to remove original words from a video. The only thing you will be able to do is either a)Blur them out, or b) zoom into the image so the words fall off the edge. The problem with option b is you will get a somewhat fuzzier image.

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    the problem s tht the wordings are on the botton rite of the movie and they are there throughout the movie... how to blur those wordings alone througout the clipping.....

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