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Thread: Placing sliced clips into a bin?

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    Default Placing sliced clips into a bin?

    Is there a way to place sliced clips into a bin? This would help me very much indeed, because I could scroll through my clips using a thumbnail view as well as keeping them very organized.

    I know an organized project is much easier to work with than an unorganized one with one giant clip to slice into many pieces.

    Thank you for you time

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    Default Anyone?

    Well, is it possible? This should be one of the basics if anything.

    Right now, I sort my clips using "Sequences" as storage, but it would be easier to have large thumbnails showing previews of each clip, because sometimes I have to search through 30 minutes of many different kinds of shots. The thumbanils in the timeline are too small. If I can store slices in bins, then is there a way to resize them?

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    When you're looking along the timeline in the sequence, have you tried changing a couple of the options?

    Click on the little box under the Eye icon to the left of the Video Timeline (the option is called Set Display Style) and select Show Frames.

    Next, move your pointer to the line that divides Video tracks 1 and 2 at a point where the pointer changes to two horizontal lines with an arrow up and down, now drag the line up and you should see the thumbnails display much bigger.

    As far as I can tell, the only limit to how big the thumbnails can be is the size of your screen, however, do bear in mind that because of the size of the frames thumbnail, they will cover a number of frames and therefore scene change often occur prior to their thumbnail, but at least it gives you a better indication of where breaks are.

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    If you drag the original clip into the preview monitor, mark an in and an out then you can drag this back into a bin and it asks you to give it a different name. This means that when you drag the clip onto the timeline you get the section you marked but then you can extend it if you wish.

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