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Thread: Anyone using a Glidecam 2000 Pro with Sony FX1?

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    Default Anyone using a Glidecam 2000 Pro with Sony FX1?

    Is there anyone else in these forums using a Glidecam 2000 Pro with a Sony HDR-FX1 sitting on top of it.

    I have mine nicely balanced and I'm happy with it. However, discussions on optimising it for use with a Glidecam Smooth Shooter have 'hinted' that it might be heavier than it needs to be. This to me means the balance I've found has too many weights/washers on the bottom of the sled. Basically, the balance I have found uses all supplied weights with the central column only extended a little.

    If anyone else has the same 'rig' I'd be interested to hear/see your balanced setup.

    It would be convenient for me to find a balance with less weight. Of course I could play and work it out myself (and probably will) but if there's anyone who's already there, it just might save me a bit of time is all.

    Here's hoping.

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    At least you got yours balanced :(

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    Ah, a post I can get my teeth into!

    As you know, I was suprised at the amount of weights you had on the base - and it took me a few minutes to get it into a postition I'm happy with using the weights on the sled. That said, I was also suprised at the weight of the cam! Much heavier than what I thought to be the equivalently sized XM2.

    I think you could lose a few of the weights on the base, but you could definately lose a set if you got rid of the monfronto sliding plate - if you're going the full hog and putting on a rig, might as well lose the sliding plate in that set up, eh? That way you lose a lot of weight (comparatively speaking).

    I did love the look of you camera though - from an aesthetics point of view, it all looked very slick mounted on your black tripod!

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    I absolutely will not be losing the quick release plate. There is NO way I am going to take the thing apart everytime the camera comes off or goes on.

    I'm going to work on extending the centre column and reduce some of the weight on it.

    The irony is that the things either needs to be just a little lighter or much heavier for 'best performance' onteh SS. Apparently, the heavier the better for the smooth shooter.

    Just interested to see if anyone else has the same camera and how/where they found the balance.

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