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    I have a weird problem with adobe that i've never experienced before. I was about to start working on my project ,which I was almost ready to export, And I went to check over all of my work by viewing it in the monitor but when I clicked on the Play button nothing happened. And then the play button which was just indented went back to stop. and I tried it again and it wouldnt let me play anything. I've tried rebooting, and opening up different projects and different videos and I've gotten the same thing even with music? Any help respon A.S.A.P I really need to export this soon it's for my schools video announcements Thanks
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    You\'re unique, just like everyone else.

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    this is just a guess - if you have your camera/player connected you should disconnect it before playing it from the timeline. dont know how you can export it then though, havn't got to that myself yet!

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