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Thread: Analogue to digital. Better by PC or digital camera input?

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    Default Analogue to digital. Better by PC or digital camera input?


    I've heard conflicting views on this.
    I wish to convert my VHS analogue tapes to digital. Whicg process will provide the better quality result.
    1) Transferring the tape via my Pinnacle PCTV card to my PC, using good software, and a AMD 3500 CPU, and 9600XT 256 meg graphics card, and 1 gig of RAM.
    OR 2) Inputting the analogue VHS sugnal into a Canon digital camera and back to the PC via flywire?
    How much out of 10 would readers give each process?


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    option 1) I give a 2/10 - I am probably biased because every time I've tried this the loss of quality was a tragedy of epic proportions.

    option 2) I give a 10/10 - I am probably biased because this is the method I always use - and the loss of quality is extremely minimal.
    My System Specs:

    Cameras: 2 x Canon XL1s
    Computer: Dual Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz processors (hyperthreaded) - Intel SE7505VB2 mother board - 2 Gb PC2100 RAM kingston -Adaptec FireConnect 4300 -2xseagate 10K scsi hdd 150G ea -2xseagate 7200 ide hdd 200G ea - Plextor PX-708A DVD burner - ATi Raedon 9800Pro video with Dual SUN 21\" monitors - Sound Blaster Platinum live!
    Software: Windows XP Pro with SP2 - Pyro Pro (adobe\'s premier pro, encore DVD, and audition bundle)

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