Hey guys. I'm new here, and was hoping someone could help. I'm running After Effects 6.5, and I just bought an ADS Pyro A/V link. I know that AE is supposed to be able to preview your comp/layer output through an OHCI firewire card. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the setup to work correctly. My rig:

Athlon 1.4 ghz Thunderbird
1gb pc2100
geforce 6200 256MB (dual monitor setup)
wd 120GB HD
maxtor 80GB HD (both 7200 rpm)

Adaptec 3-port firewire 4300 card
ADS Pyro A/V Link (i guess its your typical DV-Analogue converter box)
Panasonic tv with S-video and Component inputs.

when the pyro is on analogue-to-dv mode, i get my preview window to come up, but flickering between color bars, the preview, and green.

when the pyro is on dv-to-analogue mode (which I'm assuming is what I want), I get black and white corrupted static (like blocked out tv stations).

anybody had this problem before? Thanks in advance!