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Thread: My first project.

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    Default My first project.

    Yo new to the forums, new to video editing machines also. From what research i did prior to building this machine which is pretty revolutionary as far as my organisation is concerned at least (and with matrox seeing as the chip sets used are not supported but have absolutly no problems with the benchmarks i've run so far)

    Basically my setup is as follows.

    Motherboard: Tyan K8WE
    Chipsets: nForce PRO 2200, nForce PRO 2050, AMD 8131 PCI-X

    Processors: 2x AMD 1-2Way Opteron 250 2400MHz 1024 L2 Cache
    Memory: 2x 1024 Corsair PC-3200
    Graphics: Nvidia Quadro 3400 PCI-Express
    Capture: Matrox RT-X 100
    Sound: Audidgy 4 Pro
    System Drive: Sata Raptor Drive 10krpm
    Sratch Drive: Sata II 2x 250gb Western Digital (Raid 0)
    Storage Drive: Sata 2x 400gb (Via PCI card) (no raid JBOD)
    DVD R-W: Sata Dual Layer Plextor
    DVD: Plextor DVD Rom (IDE)

    Its a really nice setup from my testing so far with just a few problems, Firstly rendering: Tested it with a few of the matrox heavy hitting effects... With 4 stacked at once it was rendering maybe 2-3 frames per second. I think this is related to the memory and how its been designated. I've already set Adobe Premiere Pro at realtime (on CTRL ALT DEL menu) to make sure that this program takes any priority over any other programs that may be running on the computer at the time.

    We've also had a few issues with the use of PCI-X + standard PCI Cards. Our matrox card is running fine and so far so is the sound. However our SATA PCI controller is having a couple of problems.

    Aswell as "showing off" the system i was hoping to maybe get a few questions answered aswell, Is it possible to designate certian parts of memory to adobe prem pro specifically. Or even change it so no data can be stored on certian parts of the memory for great legnths of time, hopefully boosting the render rate without having to restart/memory dump.

    Any help that can be given would be much appreciated.

    PC Specs:
    Mobo: Tyan K8WE (tripple chipset)
    CPU: 2x Amd 250 64bit
    Memory: 2gig pc3200
    Graphics: Nvidia Quadro 3400 (pci-x)
    Capture Card: Matrox RT-X 100
    Sound Card: Creative audidgy 4 pro
    Sys drive: SATA Raptor 10,000rpm
    Scratch Drive: 2x Hitachi Sata 2 250gb (raid 0)
    Storage Drives: 2x Western Dugital 400gb

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    Right - PCI-X sata controller - these cards have always had problems - check the manufactures support pages - there will be a solution.

    Render slow with hard hitting effects - its gonna be slow with hard effects

    Memory designation - I'm not sure but I know with most video appz in their internal options you can designat how much ram it uses - use all of the available ram - never try running other appz while editing or renderoing - pointless.

    Look up the tweakxp site to disable any unnessesary applications/services.

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