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    I have a P-IV 3.2ghz a 1gb memory and a 256mb graphic card, when i import my videos filmed in HD then converted to sd i have no problems but when i try to import hd files all the things that move they go blured, i dont know why.

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    First post so I'll go easy on you

    If you have a problem then in order to try and answer it we really need details so we know exactly what's going on.

    How are you importing? With what s/w and version (very important)? With what interface? Firewire connection? What camera? Is the camera down converting itself and you are actually capoturing SD from the PC's point of view (probably a Sony if it is) or are you downconverting to SD in your NLE? If the latter then how are you doing it and with what settings? What format are you capturing to (AVI?) and what codec?

    Details details details. Without them any answers will be hit and miss and you might then end up deciding we are all a bunch of pillocks who know nothing and not return.

    Also, define 'go blurred'. After all my rambling above, this may be the standard newbie interlacing issue.


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