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Thread: Which one's faster?200G SATA HD or 2x80G PATA HD on RAID 0?

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    Default Which one's faster?200G SATA HD or 2x80G PATA HD on RAID 0?

    Hi everyone!

    Recently, I just bought a new 200GB Seagate SATA Harddisk, and just installed it a few days ago. My old Harddisk is a pair of identical 80GB Maxtor PATA Harddisk set on RAID 0 via a PCI Card. I'm currently using an Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. Like everyone else. I'm planning to tweak my PC for an optimum editing experience.

    Here's the question:
    I'm currently confused on which one to prioritize as the main scratch disk between my RAID and my 200Gigs. Which one is actually faster? I even thought about breaking my RAID into 2 normal 80G Harddisks, because I read that the more harddisk you have for scratch disk, the better. Is this true?

    I tried to compare the reading and writing rates, but I forgot (or never really read) the reading and writing rate of the 80G Disks. Tried to use benchmarking program to detect it, but not really decide what program to use. Any suggestions?

    Sorry if my questions are too long. Can anyone help me?

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    Things may have changed, but real world comparisons of PATA and SATA drives often ended up with neglible differences. The differences if any now would stem from SATA drives benefitiing from increased development and 'bells and wistles' such as increased cache sizes etc. It's also easier to set up arrays of disks under SATA due to the proliferation of connections.

    I may hoever be off the mark drives are taking advantage of the increased bandwidtgh avialble. Otherwise I'd say the RAID array would be quicker assuming the PATA and SATA drives were comparable.

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