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Thread: Help with renderingin wmv format

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    Default Help with renderingin wmv format

    Hey, when I use Vegas, I normally render my movies in the wmv format for easy downloading fo those who want to view the movies. Lately, I've been noticing that every time I render a movie in the wmv format, it looks good at its normal size in Windows Media Player but when I try to view at full screen, the video itself is not at a full view.

    Is this a resolution problem? Its normally at 720x480, and I've seen films from others with which this resolution can fill the entire screen at full screen but not my films, why is that and/or can it be fixed?

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    When you select WMV as an option to render, you can then select a variety of settings suitable for various download capabilities etc. Try playing around with them to see what you can do. The custom button also allows you to specify your own parameters too.

    Experiment. It's fun!

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