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Thread: SD Card storage capacity.

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    Default SD Card storage capacity.

    Can anyone tell me what kind of storage capacity you can achive on sd cards.I have a Sharp VL-Z8 which came with an 8mb sd card.I would like to now how many minutes video footage I would be able to record on the various SD Cards available.

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    The largest size I see is 2GB and that comes from a company called SanDisk and that will set you back about 170 to 180 quid. Unbelievably expensive when you think it only has half the capacity of a DVD. Or to put it another way 10 minutes recording if a DVD has 20 minutes recording albeit at highest quality. If I am wrong with these figures would someone else set them straight.

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    I recently read or saw an article on a company called Pretec release a SD card of 4GB. As stated, they are extremely expensive and if memory serves me correctly around $600 +/- for this card alone. OUCH!!!!

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