Wanting to capture VHS to mpeg--then author to .vob, at least to be able to shrink results to CD or DVD size required. This process, of which I have only copied portion I question.. . is for my purpose, but missing part about demux to .mp2--which is changed to mpa

Tools required:
ImgTool Classic 0.9

The basic steps to create a DVD:
(0. Capture the video. Read here how to capture.)
1. Encode the video to DVD MPEG standard using any encoder.
2. Author the DVD MPEG video, like adding menus,chapters and the author tool also make the DVD structure(vob files and such).
3. Burn the authored image to DVD±R/W.

Step 1 - Encoding
Read under the DVD Convert section here how to convert your video to DVD. If you have captured directly to DVD MPEG standard like with a WinTV PVR(as I have made in this tutorial) you don't have to encode to DVD. If you have encoded the video to one mpg/mpeg file be sure to demultiplex the mpg to a video file and audio file(s). Read here how to demultiplex. Rename the audio file to anything.mpa if it is named anything.mp2.

?? what capture device / encoder will produce the .mp2 ?