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Thread: Money making opportunity for a good editor!

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    Default Money making opportunity for a good editor!

    I am looking for a video editor who would edit a car video. Video consists of racing, street racing, drifting, and oval track. I have all the raw footage already and you can do whatever you want with it and as creative as possible. Main things im looking for is NICE looking transitions, special effects (not cheesy, smooth and clean) and match up of video to the music ( i prefer trance, female singers trance, etc.) Please, if you have anything, provide me with examples of your work. I am a BEGINNER editor myself however i do not have time to do this being a full time student and work. Again, you will get paid if I choose you to do the video. Price and payment method will be discussed later on. Thanks in advance.

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    hi there ive recently returnred from philippines and done this sort of work over there. you can see some of my samples at


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    hi there, My name is Mat Brooks, I'm a filmmaker and freelance cameraman/editor. I read your ad t and thought i'd reply. I have my own camera and edit equipment which enables me to get things done efficiently and quickly. (Sony Z1, iMac & Mac book pro with final cut studio 2) I have created a body of versatile work over the last few years, I have worked on corporate promotional videos, music videos, short films and recently I have started to work in feature films. I usually Direct my own work, a brief example of my work can be found on youtube

    YouTube - mathewonet's Channel

    Please find my cv enclosed which highlights my key experience and qualifications.

    Yours sincerely

    Mat Brooks/AKA Mat Scarsbrook
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    Hi there i do this work all the time,check my videos on youtube, type in enkhanz in the search engine and you will see 3 videos of cars, if you are intrested email me back on

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    thanks. I don't know how to make that. I wish to learn the basic and advanced. keep up the good work friends.

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    The original message was posted in October 2005 - I'm sure they've got something sorted by now

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