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Thread: Help with Premier Pro Transcode settings for Encore

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    Default Help with Premier Pro Transcode settings for Encore

    I am using Adobe Premier Pro 1.5 to capture and compile video from my Panasonic P-25 Digital Video Camera. Once I have compiled the Timeline I use "Export Adobe Media Encoder" to save project as MPG2 file to import into Adobe Encore to author and burn my DVD. In the Adobe Media Encoder there are so many options. I understand the general stuff ie NTSC, Frame Rate and whatnot but I am not too clear on such issues as Bitrate Encoding and Bitrate Settins. Sometimes when I import the MPG2 Files into Encore the audio goes out of sync.

    My questions is considering the process I am using Premier to Encore ... What are the best settings in Adobe Media Encoder to use. I have tried AVI vs MPG1 and MPG2 and have played with the many other settings. Does anyone here have any ideas on this.


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    Default I think I may have it figured out

    When I compile clips in Premier and export to MPG2 and try to import into Encore it wants to re-encode them. When I encode them from Premier (by the way the clips are from 24P) I specify the FPS of 24 and when I import to Encore it says they are 23.975 so I changed the FPS settings in Premier when usin Adobe Media Encoder to create the MPG2 files to 23.975 and lo and behold when I import into Encore it doesn't re enecode them and the problem with audio sync is no longer a problem I also changed the Bitrate to 14.000. But if anyone has any other suggestions I am open to experimenting.


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    Nice info MPinkston. It would seem like Premiere and Encore would play nice together since they are from the same "product family", but I've been through all the encoding issues as well. I just downloaded the trial for DVD-LAB Pro today trying to find another solutions.

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