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    Default variable speed

    I'm quite new to video editing (although i've experience with digital multitrack audio recording and editing) but i love the possibilities of the modern video editing software.
    There's one thing i've been wondering about:
    Is there a program or plugin that is able to vary the speed of the video (and audio) constantly or even make me draw a curve on screen that controls the speed of the playback (it's possible for audio in several programs)? It should act like a sort of predefined jogging.
    I see the effect all the time in commercials etc.


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    Default Audio speed


    i'm in the process of editing some video and have the opposite problem. I need to make variable speed changes to my audio. You write in your post that there a lots of program able to do a variable speed change for audio. Which ones and how? I use Cubase 6 and Logic Pro 9 for composing film music but have never seen any easy way of doing this (by drawing a speed curve).

    If you still need an explanation of how to do variable speed for video (in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere) I can help you with that.


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