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Thread: Commy still too slow at rendering

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    Default Commy still too slow at rendering

    Im running a dell machine with a 3ghz pentium 4. 1 gig of ram and i have 120gb harddrive. But im impatient and need to speed things up even more.

    Any tips. Maybe an external firewire hardrive or more ram?

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    what software are you using?

    have u defraged your video drive recently?

    is your pc full of stuff thats clogging the memory?

    Full Specs: 3.2 Pentium 4 Processor, 1Gb RAM 80Gb Root Drive, 120Gb Video Drive + another 160Gb external, Adobe Premiere Pro, Pinnacle liquid edition pro, ati radion 256mb

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    Centurion: if you've defragged your video drive and cleared memory of background crap, I don't think there's anything you can buy that'll make it faster. Video editing is a fundamentally, inherently slow process and not for the impatient...
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    Have you got two hard drives, or are you just using the system drive to store your video?

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    I have two seperate hd's. One system and one vid capture. I suspect it because there filling up now so I reckon its time for an external drive or ridding my vid cap drive for a larger one. Just as a matter of interest is there a way to tell premier to use a certain amount of ram, ie 80% of it for rendering?

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    More RAM will help.
    A 3rd HD to render out to.
    Raid but ideally 3 raids - 1 OS, 1 media(capture) & 1 Render.

    You will always have to wait so learn patience. Even on highend systems you have to wait.

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