Wow, today was interesting. I went to my friend's place, the video professional, to help him out with a project. Got some time in using VT[4], such a sweet setup. Dual 21" LCD monitors for the desktop, plus a 25" NTSC monitor to view the final results. The PC had about 4 terabytes of HD storage and a 3.8GHz P4, so delay wasn't a problem.

The project itself wasn't too bad, a 60 minute dual camera shoot of a presention, which had already been loaded onto the hard drives. All I had to do was dovetail about 150 slides into the presentation at the right times. My friend couldn't do too much of it since he'd just had a mini-stroke the week before, couldn't easily do repetitious fine movements without fatigue, and had a deadline looming.

We got it done, he advising me while I handled the edits. Found a few problems along the way, some of the slides (provided by the customer) were wrong aspect ratio for video or had overscan problems, and the presenter had a lapel mike dropout in a few spots, but VT[4] made it easy to readjust and fix.

Anyway, the video goes on the air next weekend and my friend has invited me to help with some other projects.