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Thread: Soft/dreamy effect for wedding video

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    Default Soft/dreamy effect for wedding video

    Anyone know how to get this effect in prem pro. I have a plugin for prem 6.5 called filmfx by but id like to do my editing in pro cos of the real time rendering.

    Thanks fellas

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    I messed around with the effects in premiere whilst doing a wedding video this summer and come up with this very effective effect (but time consuming in processing):-

    copy the video tracks so you have two identical tracks one on top of another. The top one should be at around 50-70% opacity. The bottom one with about 40 guassion blur and an increase in contrast of around 40 also (although I found you had to play around with specific clips to get the best effect), a decrease in brightness is also effective.

    This effect does make rendering a much slower process, but if you are doing a "summary" 5min video like I did then can be very effective. The basic concept is that the main video is "stylised" by the overlayed blurred yet colourfully blurred "edges" on the top "50% transparant" video.

    Play around and post your results!
    Andy Holland

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    Dont matter ive got hold of the magic bullet editor plugins. Thanks anyway andy. I may try your technique anyways

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    You know what andy. This technique worked a treat and blew magic bullets effect away. Lovin it. Thumbs up from me andy. Great work

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    It is always nice to receive a compliment on what was technically a "fluke find" - we should share more our specific "finds" as premiere has an unlimited number of combinations. Glad you liked it!
    Andy Holland

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