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    Ok-I want to film a music video-I have LOTS of stuff mapped in my head and ideas floating-I want to make it along to the song sung by coldplay what if-I would like to film this in a park and making use of swings roundabouts and slides-I want it to be like a couple splitting up if you get me-I just want your views on this kind of storyboard and what you would do-I am not doing this as I am lazy or anything I would just like suggestions as to what other people would do-I have also got the problem of not having a steady cam which is really going to get on my nerves .
    My other idea was to use a black and white filter-please give your suggestions as I would like to shoot as soon as I have cast. Just wish i could draw story boards
    Thanks Luke

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    One thing to consider for a moody piece is a colour tint - instead of straight black & white. Seymore commented on the brilliant blue/black effect used for the rock band in CMS-edit’s music video ‘Tokyo Dawns’. Doesn’t have to be strong colour, in fact a subtle tint is often more effective.

    I got BCC Tritones free with an AfterFX book, and use it a lot. I think a free download is available, I’ll track down the website.

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