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Thread: What to do next?

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    One more thing...

    I will come up with something to show you all oneday, mark my words.
    So far all talk and no action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Mills
    I have to agree with Marc here. Four entries is a particularly poor showing. I'm not too surprised by it though. I saw it coming when I sent my entry to Marc just a few weeks ago and asked how many he had. I was the first!!

    I hope no-one is going to say that they did not have enough time.
    I'm very surprised at the low number of entries but I sure wouldnt call it lack of interest. Its a great forum...but different abilities mean some folks dont really know whats expected. For example....up until last week, I was quite capable of shooting and editing but had never found out HOW to get my vid on the web.

    Secondly...I really couldnt have thought of something for "RED" if I tried. Mostly underwater vids mean all my movies are BLUE. Some videographers creativity thrives more because of a love for their specific subject matter(as opposed to a love for just videography). I see great sports vids; paragliding, snowboarding, wakeboarding etc etc, all over the forums and everyone on the "user vids" thread seems to enjoy watching, learning and criticising.

    Maybe just a open Poll on user vids with no topic/subject would be an easy way to run a comp??
    If you don't stand for'll fall for anything!

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    Red would surely be the "enemy" of the diver. It could mean you've run out of oxygen (the 'dial' goes into the red), been bitten by a shark (I'm thinking blood here). Stretching it a bit the surfer's fear would be red flags.

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