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    When I was installing Liquid onto my PC I accidentally hit the "I don't want to register.........." and I started using the program. There's a Pinnacle "Lock" on the program now. I've reinstalled the program a few times to see if that'd work via a full uninstall and even deleteing the directories left behind, restarting my PC and the freaking lock is still there like an albatross around my neck! .

    What TF can I do?

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    don't know if this would work but have you tried going here

    to register the software online. after that maybe it will unlock it for you.

    if that doesn't work try the pinnacle webboard the guys on there can normally fix most problems.

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    Ultimately, you could reinstall Windows...

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    Quote Originally Posted by svhs
    Ultimately, you could reinstall Windows...

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    no no no..........leave windows alone!!.
    uninstall edition,
    delete the Pinnacle folder especialliy pixie in programs, remove any pinnacle folder in my documents and c:\ documents and setttings\ your username\ pinnacle ( if it exists)
    then run regedit ,
    back up your registry
    then try to remove ALL traces of Pinnacle software.
    Enlist the help of a friend if this seems daunting: it can be
    Then reinstall this time you should be prompted for your serial no etc

    Certainly reinstalling windows (if it is relatively clean and you dont mind) will achieve the same effect but it is overkill if you can avoid it
    You may need to go to windows explorer options and check unhide files in order to find the folder/s with pixie in the subfolder of documents and settings

    Pixie and the Registry entries are the things to remove to get a clean pre first installation state back.. It has works but registry editing can be tricky
    Good luck
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