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Thread: Sony DCR-TRV22 Questions

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    Default Sony DCR-TRV22 Questions

    Hi Im new to all this.
    just bought a TRV22, just wanted to know a few things.

    1. Is the camera any good?
    2. Whats the best video editing software to use on my PC?
    3. And most importantly to me, can you transfer the recordings onto VHS, and if so, how?

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    I own a TRV33, which is essentially the same camera as the TRV22, but with a bigger CCD (better resolution). Although I have had a very close look at the TRV22. WIth regard ot your specific questions,

    1. Yes this is an excellent entry level DV Camcorder. It supports both AV In/Out & DV IN/Out. This is important to maximise your transfer capabilities both to and from the Camcorder. Picture resolution on the camera is excellent with very good results back to TV via the AV socket. Whilst you may not be at this stage yet, quality back to the PC via firewire is also excellent. My only gripe is the bundled software (particularly Image Mixer) which isn't really of great use other than for playing about.

    2. Whats the best Video Editing Software? Gosh, how long is a piece of string. If you are completely new to Video editing, but want the flexibility of recording back to Camera or DVD, then have a close look at either ULead Video Studio or perhaps Pinnacle Studio 8. Marc Peters has kindly provided links to most major editing software providers in the post below

    Take advantage of those software vendors who provide free trials. Lets you try before you part with your hard earned cash. I would recommend though that if you want to get the best out of editing, invest in a firewire card and cable, the USB method isn't really up to the mark for serious editing.

    3. To transfer Video from your camera to VHS, simply connect the AV Lead supplied to the camera (thats the Mini Jack end) and the AV Leads (Possibly via the SCART Adapter (also supplied) to your VCR. Set your camera switch to VCR. Press play on the menu. Press record on the VCR. Simple as that.

    Good luck with your new hobby, you will have loads of fun. Good luck!

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