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Thread: Help ! Help! Help! ......."Help me 'Print to Tape'"

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    Default Help ! Help! Help! ......."Help me 'Print to Tape'"


    This is the first time i'm writing here. i'm unable to Print to Tape from computer using Sony Vegas and Sony Handicam

    I'm able to capture from the mini dv tape using Sony Vegas software, but am not able to print to tape after editing my movie.

    I have an AVI rendered file which i am trying to transfer from computer to my Sony Handicam (32 E) in a mini DV tape.

    The edited movie shows on the comp screen, through Sony Vegas software, but the same movie doesnt show on the LCD of the camcorder.
    So, no recording happening.

    Please help me. Where does the problem lie and how can i rectify it?

    Eagerly awaiting some expert suggestions!

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    I have the same problem. I can get an image out to the camera but the process is jerky and pauses alot. Also I get alot of pixel distortion and sound clipping.
    I have narrowed it down to the fact that My capture card is not listed under the "Vegas supported hardware":

    It seems silly that this list is so small and I must stress I still am not totally sure whether this is the actual problem.

    everything I do go's out on DVD. That's the easiest solution.

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