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    Hi, I have a SmartTV LE PCI capture card. It's capable of capturing from my VCR to my PC. Although the source VCE is quite clear, when I record on high quality videos(full DVD quality) I get too many dropped frames. Is this an issue with my video card? My capture card? Or my hard disk? It probably have nothing to do with my RAM (256) and my HDD(40 gig) right? Any advice? Thanks a lot guys!

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    It might be an issue with your RAM - if you're doing video editing, you could do with having at least 512MB. As for your hard drive, it could also be that, if it's not been defragmented properly.

    Also... it could be to do with your processor. What speed is it?

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    I agree with Mike about your spec., it's on the low side. As far as I can recall Windows XP needs 128MB ram to run smoothly and you will definitely need 512MB. Your hard disk is also too small. Ideally you should have two, one for the operating system and other applications and the second for video capture only. I have folders with 60 and 70 GB (yes GB) of temporary files and virtual clips, audio clips, still images etc etc etc. Make sure it is 7200 rpm and has an 8MB cache and your motherboard needs to have an 800Mhz FSB. What kind of camera have you got, the recommended set up is connecting a firewire enabled camera to the computer via a firewire cable. This is the preferred method of connection and causes the least problems.

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