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    Hey all

    first time premier user, So ive import my 7 minute video file, how do i split the scenes up in one go instead of doing it one by one with the razor tool??

    cheers mike.

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    Best time to split into scenes is at capture. Check your settings and there should be an option to do this. Given it's only a 7 minute file it shouldn't be too much hassle to do it again.


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    using the "scene detect" feature click its logo which looks like a small clapper board

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    The "scene detect" works as follows (right from the help files)

    This only works when you are 'capturing' from a device.

    Instead of manually logging In and Out points, you may want to use the Scene Detect feature. Scene Detect analyzes the video for scene breaks indicated by the tape's timecode, such as those caused when you press the camera's pause button while recording. When Scene Detect is on and you perform a capture, Adobe Premiere Pro automatically captures a separate file at each scene break it detects. Scene Detect works whether you are capturing an entire tape or specific In and Out points. If you turn on Scene Detect and capture using In and Out points, Scene Detect may break up clips between the defined In and Out points if a scene break is detected.

    To turn on automatic scene detection:

    In the Capture window, do any of the following:

    Click the Scene Detect button below the image.
    Select Scene Detect in the Capture section of the Logging tab.
    Choose Scene Detect from the Capture window menu.


    If you have an existing .AVI file you are trying to split, I don't believe that Premiere has the functionality to do it 'in one go'. One by one with the razor tool / export is the only way I know of.
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