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Thread: PC Hangs when Rendering Video (and ive tried everything!!)

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    Default PC Hangs when Rendering Video (and ive tried everything!!)

    I had an AMD2000+ desktop PC, with 512MB RAM, 120GB HD and decent Graphics Card.
    I have captured video off of DV Camera, VCR and TV (through DV Camera, via Firewire), onto my PC, many times.
    But once I had edited the video, and tried rendering it (before burning to DVD) the rendering would simply stop, or the whole PC would freeze.
    Of the number of times i have tried this, 80% of the time, the rendering of the video would be unsuccessful.

    I had XP on that PC, Service Pack 2 and all the necesary updates. No programmes were running during the rendering process and there was always more than enough free space for the projects.

    I seeked assistance from the video editing software support team, but none of the info they gave me helped, and i then thought maybe there was something wrong with my PC itself (i.e. the motherboard etc).

    Soon afterwards i got a Fujitsu Siemens laptop. 1.6Ghz Intel Processor, 60GB HD, Service Pack 2, 1GB of RAM, and even a new VCR, in case the footage being captured was problematic.

    But when i attempted to render another movie, the rendering stopped once more. I then deleted scenes from the footage where the rendering stopped and tried again, with no luck.

    As i said, i have captured from different sources, and sometimes the rendering works, but most of the time it doesn't.

    If someone can give me substantial assistance (i have tried everything i can think of so far) i would be ever so greatful. If not, then i hope someone can at least tell me EXACTLY what the problem is?

    I am under the impression (maybe wrongly) that the processors i had on the Desktop and the now on the Laptop just arent cut out for video editing, no matter how much HD space or RAM i have.

    I realise that Apple computers are designed for such uses and a few of the people i have spoke to who do video editing all use Apples and have no problems, but does that mean that relatively upgraded PC's (such as the 2 i have used) are not good enough to handle video editing?

    I would understand such a point if i could not render ANY video, but as i said, i have managed to render a few perfectly, while most do not work.

    Once again, any help will be greatly appreciated!!


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    Default Nearly identical problem...

    Hey man,

    I am having the exact same problem with Pinnacle 9 and it is driving me crazy. If you hear about any solutions, please let me know.


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    Alan, forums are supposed to be open for discussions, we can't help a lot of people if we have to e-mail them answers and solutions. I should edit the e-mail address out from your message, but I'll be the good guy this time; let Marc do it.

    Also, in the future you might be more careful about posting your e-mail address on a public site and exposing to spammers.

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    I know there are lots of things that can screw up Studio, but the one thing that has worked for me was to ALWAYS remove all cached files. I don't remember the menu entry off the top of my head, but under the File menu there is an option to clean up the cache, or delete working files, or something like that. I've never had a render lock up if I cleaned out these temp files first.

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