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Thread: Sony Handycam DVD HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Sony Handycam DVD HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please can someone out there help me? I have recently bought a new Sony handycam DVD 92E.
    Itís the one that writes directly onto an 8cm mini DVD. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that buying this camera has been a cock up of colossal proportions. I, like most parents, wanted to film my kids having fun, family days out, all the kinds of things that you want to look back on later Ė You know what I mean!
    I was astounded to find that you couldnít just edit the film as with most other cameras. My two eldest Boys, 14 and 12 years old have really got into it but had their hopes dashed as they have been filming with their friends in the woods near our house and canít edit the film Ė What the hell do Sony think people want to do with their cameras????
    I am reasonably computer literate and have a fairly up to date PC. (Pentium 4 processor 515, 512MB, 160GB hard drive. Windows XP.) This camera does not have the facility for fire wire or USB link up, all you can do to get the data into the Pc is pop the DVD into it. and thatís it!!!.
    I spent a bit more than I had saved at the time on the camera (which didnít go down well with she who must be obeyed) I have Three young lads who think both the camera and myself are crap !!
    I have spent several days walking around Computer shops - large and small and camera shops of every type but no one seems able to help. Then, today, I was searching the net and found you guys. I couldnít believe it, people who actually know what theyíre talking about! Ė I nearly fell of my chair!
    I know you probably think Ė Stupid sod for not looking into it first, and youíre probably right to be honest Ė I donít usually make a habit of this but if there is someone out there kind enough to explain what I need to do to get over the problem Ė Bear in mind, I donít know my MPEGS from my AVIís I would be eternally grateful and just possibly, my kids and wife may start talking to me again.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Hi Phil. It's covered in point 10 of the FAQ here:

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    Thank you very much for that Mark. I will endevour to get to grips with the info. The two tools you mentioned VirtualDubMod and Panasonic DV codec - Are they available as downloads on the net or do you have to buy them from somewhere?

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    Thankyou for the above advice for editing the video, I have downloaded and successfully managed too edit.

    However, I am having trouble with the sound... there is none! How can I get my sound in VirtualDubMod?

    Thanks in advance

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    I had the same problem/issue with that cam sometimes i found i tough to acquire information. i would like to know what people think of this Sony CX150 review that i found, its a new cam that has hit the market im trying to find many flows init, but finding it hard.
    cheers for your help people.

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