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    Hi everybody, I'm new, I have some problems to resolve with a Matrox Digisuite, we have an old computer with a 4-5 years old digisuite with a lot of scsi hard disks, and running under win NT 4, well my questions are:

    Should this DigiSuite work under Windows XP and With Premiere 6.5 (And Sony Vegas? )?
    And if it should work, where can I find its drivers?

    Should this DigiSuite work also with raid eide or sata hard disks?

    Should I keep using it or should I move the production process on another standard like the DV, or maybe buy a new digisuite?

    Please help me...
    thank you.

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    Alot of drivers for older software will not work under win2k or XP. The companies never bothered writing drivers for older OS's as they seemed redundant.

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