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    This is a new short I am doing for my film class we had to shoot 30 scenes over the weekend and i just put this together in like a hour just wanted to see what u guys think im not done i sitll gotta add titles and fix a few things this is just what i have so far <- high quality <- low quality

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    It wasn't that bad. I wouldn't have made every action portion in slow motion though, maybe mix up the speeds and vary the music a little. But I really like all the effort you put into the props and the costumes, and it held my interest so you did good in that respect.

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    Yeah I understand using the same music track is kind of annoying I just couldnt find any music that would go good at the end. And thanks for the comments about the props and stuff. We like to make our movies look good even if it is for the smallest projects lol

    Anyone else view it and have comments?

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    Plenty of edits and camera angles to keep me interested.

    Lots of thought went into setting up all the shots.

    Hammy acting, and a bit shakey at times but the shots and edits were top notch...


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    this might be a easier to link to view my video maybe ill get more comments thanks

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    Good job and it's obvious you put loads of effort into it. I liked it but have to agree the acting was a bit dodgy at times. You kept it moving well too. Nice one mate, I'll watch more of your stuff.

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    nice and kept on flowing-I know im only 12 but i must say for a school project thats brill just wish i could find actors in the village of bladon :cry:

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    Thanks for the comments guys, Irish mark i was wondering what you think about it?

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    I liked this alot. Very "Rodriguez/Tarantino". I liked the angles and the way it was quite stylised. Well done.

    The actors were a bit poor but I aint gonna flaw you for that as you have done well with their performances regardless. Your main charachter was great but the others had no stage/screen presence.

    I think where it was let down the most was the fight sequence. It looked like they were actors trying not to hit eachother. Use of more acute angles is the key. Have a look at this for a great vid with "fake" fighting:
    and this one:
    Sometimes you do need the actors to make hard contact eg body shots. Also try and source some better sound effects for the blows. Alot of the time a good sound mix can take as long as the main edit.

    Some of the cuts could be a lil tighter. The standoff being one - a recut on that would quicken it - you dont need to see the guy comming round the corner and you culd speed up the pan around for more intensity.

    All in all I was very impressed. Nice simple and effective. Look and see where you can cut down on time. As an editor my biggest ruke is "Shorten it" What can i loose but still put the message accross. You can end up loosing a nicley framed shot but if the flow of the scene is better then its a plus.

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