I have tried everything that I could think of an the suggestions here but I still cannot.

Windows XP Pro + P4 2GHZ + 512 MB + 30GB

I have tried several things.

Using Windows Movie Maker.
1. When I connect the camera to the PC, windows XP pops up a message about capture with Windows Movie Maker. I chose OK.
2. Sony DV camera shows up in the devices list and is selected.
3. I click record, Th eCamcorder start playing.
4. 2 seconds later, Movie maker stops and advises me to save the result file.
5. The DV cam goes on playing.
6. When I look in the save WMV file there is nothing there.

Using DVIO- :cry: :cry: ------------

1. Launch DVIO.
2. Start Playback on DV Cam
3. Click record.
4. Again nothing happens. the program goes on forever and the saved avi is empty.

Please help me. Is there anything that I trying to do that iss wrong? My Digital-8 tapes are recorded in LP mode.

Thanks for the help.

Bu Dik