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    Have a Canon XM2. Dell 4500, 2.0GHz, 512mb, 40Gb + ext - Lacie 4KB, NVIDIA Ge Force MX420 video card, Firewire card & cable, and Ulead video studio 9.

    New to this so ... My problem is when I capture, there is a lot of noise in the picture, i.e. the quality is very poor. It is like a film of ice is over it, with pixels visible. It is still there when I burn it on DVD.

    The quality on the tape is superb as when I put it through the VCR, it recorded perfect.

    Where an I going wrong? Can anyone help ????????????


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    If the picture and sound are fine on playback on the camera and the same on your VCR (mini dv???) then the problem must be at the computer end. I take it you are using the firewire cable to connect the cam to the comp? Have you experienced this problem with other tapes and captures? Check the settings in your video capture software and that it is capturing at the highest level your computer can manage. Your PC will need to be able to capture at 3.6Mb/s for DV.

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    Assuming you are capturing using Firewire, you could try using a different cable and/or a different Firewire port on your PC. Or ask a friend to try on his computer.

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