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Thread: mp2 or mp1 for dvd.

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    Iím starting to understand a DVD capable device needs an mpeg-1. And few DVD players will do mpeg-2? I think. But if i'm encoding with tmpgenc or a like encoders, should I select mpeg 1 or 2 for DVD playback. mpeg-2 has other options like profile and level, video format, mode, yuv, dc Precision, and motion search. What are these for and mean? my goal is to make playable DVDís so if I need not worry about this stuff I won't.

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    You need MPEG2 if you're making DVDs. If you're using TMPGenc, simply use the wizard at the start to choose the right settings. That way you're guarenteeed compliant video and you don't really need to adjust any other settings.

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    i have to use load the unlock file, becasuse i need to force widescreen. and dont know what to set for: profile and level, video format, mode, yuv, dc Precision, and motion search

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    well i guess it dosent matter, thats a default, even for the wizard. but what exaclty is stream type, is it a selection for what to compress? i have been using system (audio, video)

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    Exactly Go through the wizard, then unlocking merely unlocks the greyed out settings...

    As for the stream types, you can hover over each setting to see a description, but essently ES is for outputting (or leaving "unmuxed") seperate audio and video streams. Some DVD authoring packages will only accept elementary (seperate audio and video) and you can't create a system stream with PCM audio.


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