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Thread: Need Help!! VCD on DVD

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    Default Need Help!! VCD on DVD

    I'd like to know if it is possible to burn a VCD on a DVD. I'd like to have a VCD quality but by putting it on a dvd i'd have much more space...

    thank you

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    You can drop the resolution down to 352x288 (PAL) with a video bitrate of 2,000 kbits/sec and MPEG2 encoding and still be within the DVD standard.
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    That's great, but which program should i use to adjust this?
    Please forgive my ignorance I'm totaly new to this

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    see reply to your post on mpeg2 to dvd.
    Tmpeg enc/ express, Canopus procoder or procoder express can do the encoding . they actually cost a bit bought new but trial versions exist or you may have a friend who will be wiiling to borrow you his/ hers ( LOL)
    If you dont have any standalone programs, you can import these files into into a video editing software which will then rencode them for you in making a dvd
    Good luck
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