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    I've posted this question here as premiere is the only place that I can find any reference to Green & Blue Screens. Years ago I worked at TV centre for the BBC and they were experimenting with something called CSO - Colour Separation Overlay which I think is the same thing. Premiere also talks about Chroma Key which I also think is similar. If so

    1. What, if any, is the difference between blue & green screen?

    2. Is any particular shade of blue or green necessary ?

    3. Which, if any, is the better option ?

    4. How important is lighting ?

    5. Will a piece of material purchased from my local fabric store suffice ?

    Thanks Guys

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    Im no expert when it comes to this... but essentially "blue screen, green screen, chroma key etc are indeed the same (or similair) things

    Ill try and answer your questions as best as I can although Id do some further reading as I may be very wrong!

    1. You can use any colour "screen" you want a colour that is not contained in the "subject" the reason people often choose green screen over blue screen is for shooting people. Because humans have traces of blue (veins, eyes etc) but very little/no green...

    You dont have to even use a "screen" people have used the sky on a nice clear day to great effect...

    2. The ideal shade of green I believe is "pantone" green...( I may be well wrong here...) google it for an example... Any shade will do but the richer fuller the better.

    3. As above it entirley depends on your subject if your shooting people go for green screen... if not then just anything thats not in the subject.

    4. Lighting is essential...!!! ensure good lighting, no shadows, light background & subject well!

    5. Premier is good for keying and you can get some great results with practically anything... As above it depends on your lighting and your subject as to exactly which shde would be best... just try some different things and see how it gos...Let us know how you get on.

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